Friday, October 9, 2009

What is the status of Vanilla? Is Vanillah Halal or Haram

Here is summary of Vanilla based on reading from these article. If the analysis below contains any error then please leave comment to inform us.

Please read the following article that covers halal and haram status associated with Vanilla.

Article #1 from
Article #2 from Muslim Consumer Group
Article #3 from Canadian Halal Foods, Inc

Basically the following types of Vanilla / Extract / Flavor contains traces of Alcohol and should be avoided.

  • Vanilla, Pure Vanilla, 
  • Natural Vanilla, 
  • Vanilla Flavor, 
  • Vanilla Flavoring, 
  • Vanilla Powder, 
  • Vanilla Specks 
  • Vanilla Extract, 
All these products above are made after vanilla extraction with alcohol and water. Thus AVOID them ALL.

Artificial or synthetic Vanillin do not contain alcohol and it is also Halal or Kosher certified. It is a Halal ingredient.

Artificial or synthetic vanillin is made with all Halal ingredients and Halal process without alcohol. Lignin which used to make the artificial vanillin is plant products which is Halal by nature. Only methane is used as a solvent which is a Halal solvent.

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